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You can add your email address to our list of people to contact by filling out the forms on our website. We agree that we won’t give your email address to anyone else, and if you ask, we’ll delete it. We don’t send ads by email right now, but we might in the future. We might also send special emails from our advertisers without giving out their email addresses. If you can’t get rid of your email address, please let us know [HERE].

[email protected]

Suggestions OR Messages: includes a comment section. We do not always actively monitor all incoming comments, and the information contained within them is provided solely for entertainment purposes. Yes, if there are any problems that are deemed inappropriate, will resolve them in any way possible.


At the moment, we give readers cookies to remember their preferences. This information isn’t given to anyone else. You don’t have to accept cookies to use our websites, and all major browsers let you turn off cookies if you’d rather.

Cookies From A 3rd Party:

Many of our advertisers use cookies to track how many times their ads have been seen. This is done to reduce the number of ads displayed.

Reports ON Traffic: will keep track of IP addresses, information from your ISP, referral lines, browser types, and the date and time the page loads. We only use all of this information together to show advertisers how much traffic we get and to figure out which features and publishers are the most popular.

Links: usually goes after other sites. We are not in charge of what is on these sites or how they do business. When you leave one of our sites, we suggest that you read that site’s privacy policy. This privacy statement only covers information that collects.

Notification OF Changes

The privacy statement and policy of are subject to change without notice.

Information ON Contact

If you have any questions about the privacy policies, information, or shared on, please contact us on the page

Our Privacy Policy

We all care a lot about how private you are. So, we’ve made this policy so you know how we collect, use, communicate, and share private information. Our online privacy rules are explained in the next section.

  • We’ll make it easy for customers to find information about how we handle private information and how we do business.
  • We will find out why private information is being collected before or while it is being collected.
  • Personal information should be relevant to the purpose for which it will be used, and it should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date to the extent that it is necessary for that purpose.
  • We’ll only keep private information for as long as it’s needed to help people reach their goals.
  • We’ll only collect and use private information for our own purposes and other similar ones unless the baby gives us permission or the law says so.
  • We’ll only get private information through legal and fair means and, if necessary, with the baby’s knowledge or permission.
  • We will keep private information safe by taking reasonable security measures against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or change.